How long does a guinea pig live?

When a small fluffy pig appears in the house, after finding out all the intricacies associated with care, feeding and maintenance, the question of how long do guinea pigs live?

The age of guinea pigs is quite long: from 5 to 10 years. Almost like cats. And much longer than other domestic rodents: the same hamsters live only 2-3 years. Therefore, with proper care and attention, an early loss of a little friend is not terrible.

How long does a guinea pig live?

The maximum lifespan of a guinea pig – 14 years and 10 months – is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. In the wild, pigs usually live less, as they often become prey for predators, on average 1-4 years.

In any case, even in a cage in cold USA, a guinea pig will live longer than in its homeland, Latin America. There pigs are bred for meat, just like rabbits are bred here. Sadly …

Therefore, take care of your little pet, love him, and he will live a good and long (by pig’s standards) life!

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