Visit to the veterinarian

Guinea pigs are very patient patients, rarely making a squeak in response to pain. Since it is not always possible to determine how serious the disease is by the behavior of the animal, you should not postpone your visit to the veterinarian for a long time. 

It is best to take your guinea pig to your vet in a sealed box or container. In the waiting room, do not take the animal out of the box or place it on your lap. 

Visit to the veterinarian

To help your veterinarian make a diagnosis, be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Where did you get the animal, how long has it been with you?
  • How old is your guinea pig?
  • When were changes in animal behavior first noticed?
  • What do you feed your guinea pig?
  • Has the composition of the feed been changed recently?
  • Has the appearance of feces and urine changed?
  • In what conditions is the animal kept?
  • Did the animal have contact with other pets?

Follow your veterinarian’s advice exactly and give your guinea pig the medication as directed. In some cases, the treatment takes a long time, so be patient and your little patient will repay you with gratitude. For detailed care advice, see Caring for a Sick Guinea Pig. 

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