Guinea pig walks around the apartment

The most important requirement when organizing a guinea pig “foray” into the Big World is control on your part. Please try not to let the pig out of sight, so that she does not do things and does not get lost.

Walk around the apartment

Recommendations for organizing the space for walking a guinea pig in the room:

  • In the room where guinea pigs walk, there should be no expensive carpets and furniture, otherwise animals can spoil any objects.
  • The electrical wiring must be inaccessible to the guinea pigs, otherwise the animals may begin to gnaw on it, which is deadly for them.
  • Set up a flat bowl with bedding in the room as a toilet corner.
  • Do not leave newspapers and books scattered around the room – guinea pigs are very fond of fiddling with paper. Wallpaper can also become the object of their attention.
  • Give your animals variety in their environment. Arrange for them some nooks and crannies or niches, various elevations, for example – an inverted flower pot or other items for play.
Guinea pig walks around the apartment

How to train your guinea pig to be clean?

The biggest problem with taking long walks around the room is that guinea pigs can stain the floor or carpets with urine or droppings. But it turns out that pigs can be trained to go to the toilet in a specific place, like cats and dogs!

Not every guinea pig can be trained to be clean. One animal quickly understands what is required of him, the other takes more time for this, but the sooner you take steps in this direction, the more chances of success. You should proceed as follows:

  • already during the first walk, put in the room a shallow bowl with litter for cats or from the cage and put a few balls of litter in it;
  • if she did “her business” in any other place, collect the droppings balls, put them in a bowl and put the animal in it; never yell at a guinea pig and never give her even the slightest click – this can scare her and make it difficult to get used to cleanliness;
  • see if the guinea pig has chosen any corner for itself, and put a toilet bowl there;
  • reward your guinea pig with a tasty morsel every time if it has used its toilet corner correctly;
  • puddles of urine on the floor or carpet can be cleaned out with vinegar – this disinfects and at the same time creates an unpleasant odor for the animals’ sense of smell. The droppings, if dry, can be easily swept up or vacuumed up.
Guinea pig walks around the apartment

Note : If you allow your guinea pig to walk around your apartment, put a toilet bowl in every room. Secluded corners under beds, wardrobes, etc. should be fenced off or covered with newspapers.

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