Breeding coronets

In my experience, a male that has been exposed for a very long time is unable to reproduce. This way you get a wonderful show pig, which may even have won one or two championships, but that’s all. Not a single pig, the successor of his line. Therefore, my coronets are cut at the age of 9-10 months. I used to cut males who were already reaching maturity, but my experience, my despair that I get when clipping such adults in full pigs, as well as the lack of cubs from these trimmed adult males, all this does not allow me to do this now. Of course, you can use not him at all, but for example his brother … Yes, he has the same origin, but if you do not follow the rule of “crossing only with the best”, you can never count,what you get the best!

I myself always cross coronets with coronets and very rarely include sheltie in breeding. The use of a Sheltie can cause a marriage in the crown, it becomes too flat, but, on the other hand, when using a Sheltie, the same flaw can be corrected by crossing with a Sheltie again. Everything here needs to be calculated very accurately. But even when you cross coronets with coronets, sometimes among the cubs, no, no, and yes, you will come across a Sheltie who came from nowhere, which I call a “genetic joke”.

As mentioned earlier, no color points are awarded for coronets, so you can easily breed agouti with a guinea pig and get God knows what color options, it doesn’t matter. But there is a small trap here, which I fell into when I just started breeding.

Breeding coronets

The fact is that unusual colors look extremely attractive and impressive. I fell for the lilac. Many lilac coronets have a good coat, but they have poor body density. Therefore, when you bring a representative of this “unusual” color to your kennel, be sure to make sure that you carefully keep all the necessary records. In my experience, such common colors in coronets as agouti, cream (with white), red (with white) and tricolor variations have the best coat texture, and maybe that’s why they are most often found on exhibition tables …

And I repeat once again: months must be spent to grow such a coat, you need daily grooming, winding and unrolling the papillotes, without missing a day, combing … In general, the pig should be too good even for a beginner to do all this, otherwise the game won’t be worth the candle …

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