Magpie and Harlequin

Magpie and Harlequin Guinea Pig Standards:

This is an English standard guideline for the Magpie (it has no point scale and can only be applied in classes specifically designed for “rare breed” gilts and is not acceptable for common show).

Breed type: the larger the better. The eyes are large, dark and round. The ears are large, well set and pulled down. 

Auto Draft

Head:  half black, half white, splitting down the center of the muzzle. Distribution of three colors on each side, equal ratio of black, white and black and white colors. Straight line above and below. The marks are the same size. Colors recognized by the standard guide in England: 


  • Black Magpies are a mixture of black, white and black and white;
  • brown magpies are a mixture of brown, white and brownish-white colors. 


Disadvantages: the  presence of color belts, the absence of any color on one of the sides. 

Serious faults: one side completely unpainted. 

Disqualifying faults: third eyelid, coat and skin disorders, lice.

A similar standard exists for Harlequins, where white is replaced by yellow.

See also Magpie and Harlequin Cavies. 

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