Dalmatian standard 


Body – colored spots on a white body. Crisp, clean and evenly distributed.
Max. number of points: 30

The head is a white mask and a solid color on the sides giving the impression of symmetry.
Max. number of points: 20

Type / Shape – The pig should be large and stocky with broad and powerful shoulders. The head should have a rounded profile with a wide muzzle and a large distance between the eyes.
Max. number of points: 15

Feet – solid color.
Max. number of points: 10

Eyes / Ears – Round eyes, large drooping ears.
Max. number of points: 10

Coat / color – short silky coat; color must comply with the breeding standard.
Max. number of points: 10

Condition – the pig should be in good condition, clean, calm when picked up.
Max. number of points: 5

Total: 100 points



  • “incomplete” mask (the mask must be complete, the coat color must not be disturbed) 
  • claws or paw pads that do not meet the standard. 



The following faults should be penalized according to their size: 


  • uneven arrangement of spots, 
  • roan color, 
  • uneven / “branchy” color of the mask, 
  • “blot” on the head. 



Recommendations for judges and breeders of Dalmatian guinea pigs

Dalmatian is a white pig with colored elements. The color should be located limitedly on the legs (heels), head (with a white stripe in the center), there should also be colored spots (evenly distributed over the body). 


The distribution and definition of stains is more important than size, shape and quantity. The spots should be distinct and clearly separated. Large solid colored spots / areas are undesirable. 

Roan areas (where there is a mixture of white and colored hairs) anywhere on the body are undesirable. A mixture of white and colored hairs on the head and / or paws is not considered a roan area. The stripe on the back is a clear white line without any spots along the entire length of the back from the head to the sacrum (usually in individuals with a lot of spots). The
white mask on the muzzle should start at the nostrils and end between the ears without interruption. A strip that crosses a mouth or demarcation line shall be penalized.

The width of the mask is not critical if it is located between the eyes and ears and has a proportional shape. A white mustache is not considered a disadvantage.

The color of the head should follow the line of the head, go behind the ears and have a clear border. The “blot” on the head is a solid color, starting on the head and passing onto the body, crossing the demarcation line.

Eye color should be in accordance with the breed standard, however, dark ruby-tinted eyes should not be penalized. Some large-eyed Dalmatians may have a blue / gray ring around the outer edge of their eyes, this is not a fault. 

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