Somalia guinea pig

Description of the guinea pig breed “Somalia”

Somalia is a new, emerging breed of guinea pigs. This is an Abyssinian pig with a rex hair structure.

Somali look very funny – Rex with rosettes. The appearance of the first gilts is unknown, because the breed is not yet officially recognized and it has not yet been possible to find breeders who purposefully breed them. Some individuals are found in amateurs, as a result of accidental crossing of Rex with Abyssinians – carriers of the Rex gene.

Somalia guinea pig

The breed is very interesting to breed and is perfect for experimental breeders with “Michurin” inclinations. For them, there is simply a huge field for activity, which is not surprising: after all, it is necessary to select pairs in such a way in order to get the desired number of Abyssinian rosettes and preserve the good structure of the Rex’s coat. The problem is that with softish wool, the rosettes become poorly visible, so a careful selection of animals for wool is needed.

The breed is looking for its place “under the sun”. The task of our club is to remove Somalia practically from scratch, exchange information, and select breeding pairs. I really hope that in our ranks there will be people who are interested in Somali, who will then be proud to say that they have contributed to the creation and breeding of a new breed of guinea pigs.

@ Larisa Schultz

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