Panda guinea pig

Description of the guinea pig breed “Panda”

Panda guinea pigs are the official breed of New Zealand. It was here that this breed was bred at the end of the last century by the breeder Ethel MakKeyn as a result of crossing a male silver agouti and a white selfie with red eyes. Gradually, Ethel was able to achieve darker skin and whiter coat.

At the moment, panda pigs are very rare in Europe, the USA and other foreign countries. In USA, the panda also belongs to the rare breeds of guinea pigs.

Outwardly, such pigs really look like panda bears, only of a reduced size, hence the name of the breed.

The main distinguishing feature of pandas is completely black skin, white fur, black eyes, dark ears and paws. Moreover, the pig may have a light color, but its skin will still be black, and not spots, but entirely.

Panda guinea pig

Now in Runet you can find information that panda pigs are distinguished by some extraordinary intelligence, but this is nothing more than a tale invented by an unscrupulous author. The intelligence of pandas is the same as that of other breeds of guinea pigs, and the set of actions performed by the pig depends entirely on the method of education and training.

For knitting, you can use silver agouti . The first litter will always produce silver agouti with the panda gene. Further crossing with carriers will be 50% agouti, 50% panda.

At the moment, selective work is underway to breed a sateen version of this breed.

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