Guinea pig Rex

Description of the guinea pig breed “Rex”

Rex (Rex Guinea Pig) in translation means “royal”, but in relation to guinea pigs of this breed, the epithets “funny”, “funny”, “smart” are more suitable.

Rex is one of the most popular guinea pig breeds in the world. They were the ancestors of many of the modern newly developed breeds of guinea pigs.

In a number of countries around the world, the Rex breed is officially recognized, but the authoritative American Cavy Breeders Association (ACBA) has not yet included this breed on its official list.

The history of Rex pigs has more than one century, its homeland is England. It was there that such a guinea pig was first born.

Guinea pig Rex

Features of Rex guinea pigs

Rexes belong to the short-haired guinea pig breeds, since the length of their hair does not exceed 3.5 cm.

Most covered mammals have three different types of hairs: the outer coat (usually the longest, hardest, shiniest, strongest), the undercoat (shorter, thinner and softer hairs), down (very thin, twisting and thick hairs). A distinctive feature of Rex guinea pigs is the absence of guard hairs in the fur, which makes their coat dense, curly, standing on end and very woolen. With all the desire, the fur of the Rex cannot be combed in a certain way, it is naughty. Curly hairs do not adhere tightly to the body, stick out in different directions. With such a unique structure, the fur is very pleasant to iron, so do not be surprised by the constant desire to hold your pet in your hands.

This feature of the fur coat is caused by a gene that is recessive, therefore, always any crossing of Rex guinea pigs with American pigs, babies with smooth fur are obtained.

Interesting fact: Rex pigs are born smooth-haired, but upon reaching the age of 12 weeks, the baby’s coat begins to frizz and curl. By about six months of age, the coat becomes fully formed. It is imperative to ensure that the wool under its own weight does not disintegrate into partings. This can lead to the appearance of peculiar grooves and bald spots through which the skin shines through.

Rex have no outlets.

In recent years, as a result of selective work, new species of rex have appeared, even long-haired ones.

Rex colors are quite diverse – brown, white, agouti, etc. When it comes to rex, then all variations of colors and colors are possible.

Another notable feature of the rex is their size. These are some of the largest guinea pigs. They are taller than other guinea pigs and can grow up to 45 cm in length! Rex development is slightly different compared to other guinea pigs, their growth and formation is only completed by the age of two!

Also characteristic features of Rex are long, drooping ears.

Rex are often confused with teddy guinea pigs , but rex coats are harsher, while teddies have very soft, almost toy-like plush coats.

The life span of rex is about 6 years, which is slightly less than that of other guinea pig breeds, and depends on the conditions of keeping and care.

Guinea pig Rex

Rex guinea pig personality traits

Of all the variety of breeds, the Rex is perhaps one of the most contact and amusing breeds. They are playful, active and affectionate until old age. They have a calm temperament. They love people very much, they like to be stroked and taken in their arms.

The Rex guinea pig is an ideal pet, especially for children, because these pigs are affectionate and calm and at the same time very unpretentious in terms of care. A definite plus of Rex is their short coat, which makes daily care very easy.

Maintenance and care

Despite the fact that Rexes are short-haired pigs, their fur will sometimes have to be combed. Of course, this does not have to be done every day, you are not the owner of a show-class long-haired guinea pig. Just check to see if a piece of filler or a dry blade of grass gets tangled in your little pet’s fur. Once a week, you can brush the coat with a special brush to remove dust. By nature, guinea pigs are great cleanliness, and as a rule, they take care of all the worries about keeping their fur coats in perfect condition.

Rex feeding rules

As mentioned above, Rex is one of the largest guinea pig breeds, so they need more food and vitamins and more movement.

Like other guinea pigs, Rex are completely vegetarian. Their diet includes only plant foods – vegetables, fruits, fresh grass or hay, special pellets and clean drinking water.

It is imperative to add vitamin C to the food of guinea pigs, since rex, along with humans, is one of the few mammals whose body cannot synthesize this vitamin on its own. Or give as many vitamin-containing foods as possible. Read more about feeding guinea pigs in the Nutrition section .

Do I need to bathe Rex?

As a rule, guinea pigs are not bathed. Firstly, this is a terrible stress for them, and secondly, they have very dry skin, on which shampoo and water can cause unnecessary irritation. It is necessary to wash guinea pigs only in exceptional cases (heavy pollution) and strictly according to the rules. Most importantly, when bathing guinea pigs, only use a specialized shampoo. Ordinary soaps can cause severe skin dryness, irritation and flaking.

Breeding rex

For experienced breeders, rex can be interesting in terms of improving the quality of the coat. This is a rather complex problem that experts around the world are struggling with. In this regard, Rexes are just “tough nuts”! This does not mean at all that Rex hair is not good enough now, just, as they say, there are no limits to perfection!

Breeding rex is not difficult even for beginners. But you should not do it thoughtlessly and just for the sake of your own curiosity. Read more about breeding guinea pigs in the section ” Breeding “.

The ideal age for breeding in Rex begins at the age of two and lasts for about two years.

Guinea pig Rex

So, to summarize, I would like to say that Rex guinea pigs are a wonderful and surprisingly cute breed, and you will not regret if such an animal becomes your pet, because Rex are very kind, playful and affectionate.

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