Guinea pig games

Distinguishing colors

Place four identical plastic feeders in different colors – red, yellow, green and blue – half a meter apart. Before starting the experiment, fill only the red trough with grain feed, leave the rest empty. Release the hungry animal from the opposite corner of the room so that it runs to the feeders. As soon as he finds a feeder full of food, take him to his original place and release him again to search for food. Over time, the little cunning will only go to the red feeder, even if you put it somewhere else.

Guinea pig games

Do you recognize the melody?

Get a pleasant-sounding musical instrument, such as a flute or xylophone. Play a short melody to the animals at the time of feeding. After a while, the little sly ones will come running as soon as they hear the melody, since in their perception it is associated with the food.

You can also ring the bell every time the animals get up on their hind legs to take a tidbit from your hands. Soon, animals will only squeak when the bell is sounded, even if they are not rewarded for it.

Play corner

Set up a playground for your guinea pigs with various cardboard boxes and wooden cubes firmly connected together. Change the position of items constantly to add variety to the setting on the site. You will see how lively and with what curiosity the guinea pigs react to every change.

Running race

This game will be successful if you have several guinea pigs. Build something like a network of paths around the guinea pig cage , using wooden blocks, cardboard boxes, tubes, or whatever material you have on hand. Place tidbits in certain places and make the guinea pigs reach them through the maze.

Who’s gonna get the salad first? The entire structure of the labyrinth must stand firmly, otherwise the animals, in their striving to get to the delicacy, will sweep everything together. Arrange the moves in such a way that the “competitors” cannot see through them, but move towards the goal only by smell.

Guinea pig games

Cage sports

The cage can also be equipped in such a way that the animals have the physical activity necessary to improve their health.

Place the sleeping house on a platform so that the guinea pigs can climb into it through the sill, or place a stone with a rough surface in front of the entrance so that the animals can crawl through it.

Install a wooden partition between the feeders and the sleeping house, in which cut a hole at a height of about 5 cm (diameter depending on the size of the animals). The animals will be forced to climb in this way every time they want to move from one compartment to another and back.

If you lay out the usual path to the feeder with branches and stones, the effect will be the same.

Place the food on some elevation so that the guinea pig can reach for it and thereby tense the muscles.

Build a ladder from a side-laid flowerpot and stones. While one guinea pig will hide inside the pot, another will be able to climb up and observe what is happening around.

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