From the history of the Texel breed

One can only guess what kind of pictures the imagination of breeders paints when they start working on creating a new breed. Perhaps the dreams of a charming golden-haired guinea pig were close to those magnificent specimens of the Texel breed that now adorn the pedestals of the winners of exhibitions. And perhaps the divorcee’s fantasies were somewhat different from what we can imagine.

But, one way or another, now, when we see these beautiful animals, we can say with confidence that the creativity, which resulted in this miracle, was preceded by a wonderful dream!

And so, in 1980, covered with gray fogs and rains in London, the English lady Claire White begins painstaking work to make her dream come true.

For the starting material for working on obtaining a curly long-haired guinea pig, Claire White took the Sheltie breed with a long, silky and straight coat, as well as the Rex breed, whose coarse, short and standing coat has a characteristic break.

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The work of a breeder requires not only a competent approach, but also a lot of effort, time, patience and perseverance, because the difficulties on the way to the goal are quite serious. Luck gave way to disappointment. Animals with long hair were often not curly enough, and those with long, good curls remained with short hair on the neck and shoulders (in long curly skirts).

But the fortitude and perseverance of Mrs. White, apparently, was not to be held. And hard work, careful culling and correct selection have paid off.

In 1984, at an exhibition in London, Claire White showed the public the first truly fully curly long-haired pig. The name of this kinky miracle was Masquerade Leonore. The effect was amazing! Immediately, many fans of curls appeared and were eager to acquire such exotic things for themselves.

But only a year later, in 1985, Mrs. White was able to offer the first three animals for sale. Two females and a male.

For a long time, the names of curls were interpreted in different ways. Many called the curly guinea pig a poodle. Some believed that the name of the long-haired Rex corresponds to the new breed, while others, on the contrary, adhered to the definition of the new breed as the Rexoid Sheltie. So far, in 1987, the Rare Breed Standard Committee at the National Guinea Pig Club approved a name for the new breed – Texel.

Texel is a small island near Holland, famous for its sheep – charming curly-haired namesakes of our favorites.

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