Black tan

Surely at the first glance at a representative of this breed, you will remember such dogs as Dobermans or, for example, Rottweilers. And not without reason, because the black tans have the same adorable red tummy. Moreover, in addition to a red tummy, they have a partially stained reddish nose, red circles around the eyes and funny markings behind the ears of the same color. In general, the color of this breed is very, very interesting.

Guinea pigs of this color are still quite rare both in the vastness of our vast homeland, but rarely, and in European countries. In this regard, the breed is not officially registered in some European countries and, as a result, does not have uniform standards. This, of course, entails the impossibility of obtaining the highest title at exhibitions.

Black tan

The main thing here is that it does not interfere in any way, but, on the contrary, pushes to improve and promote this wonderful breed in USA among fans of Guinea Pigs. Black Tans should take their rightful place among so many representatives of other equally interesting breeds.

Requirements for the representative of the breed: accordingly, good ears, a knocked-down body, a wide head, good big eyes.

The characteristic requirements for color, which is the main assessment point, are:

  • good soft coat;
  • good black intensity including undercoat;
  • intense reddish color on the belly;
  • wide red color of the abdomen;
  • well-defined circles around the eyes;
  • marks behind the ears;
  • slightly dyed nose.
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