American Guinea Pig

The American Guinea Pig is one of the most common breeds. It is these guinea pigs that can most often be found in pet stores. They have a short, shiny coat, smooth, without rosettes. The color can be any: one color or with a combination of different colors.

This is an extremely popular and so widespread breed all over the world that very often such pigs are called ordinary or even outbred (in our country you can most often find the name “simple guinea pig” or “simple smooth-haired”). At the same time, the American Guinea Pig (American Guinea Pig) is one of the officially recognized breeds in all countries of the world, along with the very similar American Satin (Satin American Guinea Pig).

In fact, the American guinea pig can be said to be the breed that is the symbol of all guinea pigs to the general public.

If you, not having understood properly the breeds of guinea pigs, want to buy yourself this cute and affectionate pet, then in 90% of cases you will become the owner of an American pig breed, since it is Americans who are sold in pet stores in the vast majority, because they are easy to maintain and very unpretentious. Oddly enough, but American guinea pigs are often called English. In some sources, this breed is directly called that: American / English guinea pig.

American Guinea Pig

Features and appearance

The American Guinea Pig is a short-haired and smooth-haired breed. The hair of the pigs is straight, smooth and tight to the body. There are no rosettes or swirls on the fur.

Breed Satin American, or satin smooth-haired, in general terms is very similar to the American. The main difference is the special shine of the fur, which shimmers in the light and gives the impression of a glossy glow.

Both American and American satin pigs can be of any color, both solid and with a combination of colors. All color combinations are acceptable.

American Guinea Pig

Historical reference

The American Guinea Pig is the oldest breed in existence. The researchers concluded that the ancestors of American pigs were domesticated as early as 5000 BC. in the Andes (South America). They appeared in Europe since the middle of the 16th century, when European traders brought in from their South American expeditions. Then the era of breeding new breeds began, thanks to which we have such breeds, skinny, teddy, rex, etc. But the ancestor of any new breed has always been the American guinea pig.

The character of the American guinea pig

The good-natured and benevolent nature of American guinea pigs is one of the reasons for their growing popularity around the world. Few pet lovers want to have a complex, stubborn and troublesome animal. American guinea pigs are not like that at all. Breeders and ordinary owners of pigs of this breed unanimously insist that they are the most friendly and obedient animals. These pigs show any aggression towards people only as a last resort, when they are very scared or in pain. It is very rare to hear that a pig has bitten someone. One breeder said that the only time this happened to him in a veterinary clinic, when his pig was injected, and he held it in his hands. Although guinea pigs deliberately bite very rarely,but sometimes, out of curiosity, they may taste your finger, mistaking it for a delicacy, if you stick it in a cage. Even if it does, don’t be alarmed. The pig rarely bites through the skin until it bleeds, this is not a hamster that bites like that.

Quite often, you can observe how children play with pigs, and how patiently pigs endure this game, without betraying their displeasure.

Sometimes guinea pigs can be aggressive towards their relatives, especially if you add a new friend to the pig, but usually in such cases all problems are easily resolved by increasing the area of ​​the cage.

American guinea pigs are very funny and fun to watch. Everything about their behavior, from the sounds they make to how they react to people, looks funny and hilarious. One pop corning is worth it!

I repeat once again, guinea pigs in general, and American pigs in particular, are very fond of people. They will greet you in the morning after sleep or in the evening from work with such a dashing twinkling that you cannot help but smile. They love to be picked up and stroked, they love to sit on their knees and quietly grunt with pleasure.

American Guinea Pig

Who is the American guinea pig suitable for?

The American breed is ideal for beginners. It is not for nothing that this breed is the most popular in the world, because it is certainly the easiest to care for.

If you are planning to buy a guinea pig for your son or daughter, do not hesitate to take an American one. Children love Americans, and Americans love children. This breed will be the most suitable for them.

But you don’t have to be a child to have such a guinea pig. For those who work in an office from 9.00 to 18.00 and do not have free time to take care of a pet, such a guinea pig is also suitable. Of course, in this case, the guinea pig will be bored all the time alone, so the best option would be to have a couple of same-sex pigs. And you feel good, and they have fun!

American Guinea Pig

Care and maintenance

One of the most tedious aspects of caring for certain breeds of guinea pigs (especially long-haired ones) is spending a lot of time brushing and brushing them. But since the American guinea pig has a relatively short coat, they perfectly tidy their own fur on their own. In general, guinea pigs are great cleaners, and most likely you will not have to clean them at all, but only regularly feed and change the water in the drinker. Well, clean the cage again every 3-4 days, of course.

That’s the whole care, in principle. All these guinea pigs need is proper nutrition and a fairly spacious cage. Pigs are quite active animals, they want to run and jump, and doing this in a small cage is quite problematic.

American guinea pigs live from 8 to 10 years, provided they are properly kept, therefore, when thinking about getting yourself a pet, soberly assess your capabilities. Can you be devoted for so many years? There is nothing worse than pets abandoned by their owners.

It is not known for what reason, but American guinea pigs are more resistant to various diseases than their counterparts of other breeds. They rarely get sick, but if signs of illness appear, it is best to contact your veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis.

In the warm season, guinea pigs can be released to eat grass in a clearing or lawn. But only under supervision, otherwise they may run away, eat something inappropriate, or even become the prey of a bird of prey. The best option for summer walks are special pens for guinea pigs.

American Guinea Pig

So, as you can see, there are many reasons why this breed of pigs are such wonderful pets and why their popularity among pet lovers all over the world is growing from year to year.

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